August 18, 2017

Great East/Midwest MTB Tour & Family Visit 17

First stop: Allegrippis Trails in Hesston, PA. Miles of rollers. And chanterelles.
The trusty Blue Loon and the two-bike quiver at the Allegrippis trail head. Notice the use of Voile straps for front wheel.
Raystown Lake: another project brought to you by the Army Corps of Engineers. Nice sunset; I cropped out a bazillion jet skis and RVs.
Ohio interstate rest area coffee break and breakfast number 2. 
Half way, single track stop number two: Alum Creek State Park's "Phase 2" trails. Nice loop with plenty of whoop.
Another ride, another rez: roly poly feature at Alum Creek.
Chasing thunderheads among the soybeans in Indiana.
Indiana's crown jewel: Brown County State Park. Miles of woods and nary a cornfield in sight. Trail visible in foreground, we'd just topped out at Hesitation Ridge.
Met a group of Fast Old Guys* at the Brown County State Park trailhead. They were out for their Saturday ride. "How long you out for? 3, 4, 5 hours?" (*I was the other token youngster at 46.)  
Chased the FOGs all over the "nationally recognized" single track, the trails were awesome flowy ribbons that hugged the contours and snaked all over the  25 square mile park.

Too humid for shirts! These old boys haul ass! We did 29.5 miles in just under 3 hours. 

Thanked Gary from Indiana with a Lawson's Finest. Think he liked it judging by the follow-up text.
On the Interurban trail between Springfield and Chatham, IL.
Quadruple state, single track: hit the old hometown trails, East Lick Creek in Springfield, IL.
Big daddy white oak, sentinel along the East Lick Creek.
Old skool feature on East Lick Creek.
Commenced to visit! Met up with family at the Miller Tent at the Illinois State Fair.  (My face still swollen from wasp sting I got at the end of my ride in Brown County -- got me right in the third eye. "Maybe it'll open something up for you," Kerry said. She was right as usual.)

May 22, 2017

mt. washington, 5/20

Snow: maĆ­z perfecto al aeroplano.


May 13, 2017

mt. mansfield, 5/12

Snow: soft n' dirty.


May 7, 2017

lincoln pk., 5/7

Snow: soft pockets w/in granular surface.


mt. mansfield, 5/6

Snow: scrapey schralp.


May 4, 2017

lincoln pk., 5/3

Snow: surprisingly softee.


May 3, 2017

lincoln pk., 5/2

Snow: rainy grains.


May 1, 2017

lincoln pk., 4/30

Snow: sno-cone frozen granules on scrape.


April 22, 2017

vista poke, 4/21

Snow: gran-u-licious and scrappy ice-flows.


April 18, 2017

timbersun, 4/18

Snow: textbook corn w/some growing mini-crevasses.


timberisen, 4/16

Snow: fast, wet, and grainy.


mt. mansfield, 415

Snow: 4 alarm corn emergency.


timberfest, 4/14

Snow: mooshy 'taters.


April 13, 2017

timberstretch, 4/12

Snow: peel-able kernels.


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